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A poet of lies shall my sad self yet be.

Nothing is impossible when you lose you fear of death.

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Name: ちび悪者
Age: [ unknown ]
Car: 2000 Honda Accord EX
DOB: 5.11
Eyes: Hazel; a mix of green, blue, gold, & grey.
Hair: Reddish-brown with blond highlights; includes many other natural-highlight colors.
Gender: Female
Nicknames: chibi, Yuki, Faun, chibchib, & CW.
Status: Taken
Weight: [ unknown ]
Zodiac: Taurus; Dragon.

Actor: Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Actress: Zhang Ziyi
Animal: Panda
Anime: Gravitation & Ayashi no Ceres
Artist (solo): T.M.Revolution (aka Takanori Nishikawa)
Band: Dir en grey
Drag Queen: Vivienne Sato
Drink: Water
Food: Fried rice
Manga: The Wallflower
Movie: House of Flying Daggers
Songs: Dir en grey: -mushi- & T.M.Revolution: Destined For...

I am very friendly. Just comment if you want to be added ne. I'll check your livejournal out. I'll most likely add you back. I adore making new friends! My life is rather normal, but strange... so some things here tend to be crazy. I don't consider myself a "fangirl" because I don't lust like a band due to their looks. I listen to the music and make my opinion there. I do have my moments though.
I adore drag queens. I hate homophobes. Gay men are absolutely adorable. The Japanese culture & music influences me a lot. If you do not like to hear of foreign music, then you should not read this journal. If you a new fan looking for someone to introduce you to new music, then you are in the right place. I am more than willing to help new fans! For my interests, refer to the field labeled "Interests" below. That will give you an idea of myself.
My dream job is to be a voice actress. I can do a lot of more-or-less high-pitched voices. I can sound almost just like Rini from the American version of Sailor Moon. Ever since I was little & watching cartoons on television, I thought it would be awesome to do that too. I have not had any professional classes on how to use my voice, but I can do so many voices, that I hope I can succeed in life by doing that.
I also dream to visit many places. These include France, Germany, Italy, Japan, & Korea.

Takanori Nishikawa has Elevator Love

Makoto is ♥-love-♥

The Gay Bike Is Gay Love!

Mako <3
Mako is Love

B(A)N is pink Love

Prissy Maya is Crackless Love

Asagi is Love

Asagineko (aka Buddha) is Love

Poofale is Love

Ruiza-kitty is Love

Yukke eating panties is love

The Happy Nishimura Clan is Dysfunctional Love.
by yurameku

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Love the band, hate the fanbase

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